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The Restaurant Demínka is well known to most people living in Prague. Apart from a small interruption it has been in operation since 1886 and it is one of the oldest running restaurants in Prague. Today, Demínka, the grandmother of Prague restaurants, operates as one of the Pillsner Urquell Original Restaurants offering traditional Czech cuisine complemented by the delicious taste of Pilsner beer.
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The chefs have prepared some of our grandmothers’ traditional recipes for you, and some less traditional ones, along with many other well known recipes with a modern twist.
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"We will engage all of your senses in a simple yet complex fashion that you may have never experienced before - here or anywhere." V Zatisi is firmly established as one of the city‘s premier fine dining restaurants. In the restaurant V Zátiší you can try an interesting combination of Czech and international delicacies. In addition, the two differing styles give the interior an intimate and elegant feel.
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