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The State Castle with its architectural standard, cultural tradition, expanse, ranks among the most important historic sights in the central European region. Building development from the 14th to 19th centuries is well-preserved in the original groundplan layout, material structure, interior installation and architectural detail. In 1992 the entire complex was included onto the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monuments. Duration 10 hours.
Price per one: 66 €
The chateau of Hluboká was originally founded as a guarding castle in the mid 13th century by the Kings of Bohemia. In these days rebuilt into Baroque and Neo-Renaissance style. Interiors are originally furnished,large library, vast collection of weapons and beautifull huge organery. Definitely must be seen! Duration 8 hours.
Price per one: 58 €
The most famous spa town in Czech Republic.The uniqueness of Karlovy Vary lies mainly in balneological treatment that exploits mineral springs. Balneology, however, is only one of the many highlights of the City situated in the heart of Europe. Do not hesitate and pay a visit to the best known spa city in the Czech Republic. Come here and see the oneness of this city for yourself. Duration 10 hours.
Price per one: 58 €
High Gothic castle founded in 1348, which has a unique position among Czech castles. It was built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping of the royal treasures, especially Charles's collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of the Roman Empire. Duration 5 hours.
Price per one: 38 €
Originally castle from 13th century established on French castell type,today chateau inherently connected with its last nobleman owner Franz Ferdinand d’Este.On guided tours you can find representative and inn-holders rooms, collection of arms and hunting trophies and private chambers of Franz Ferdinand. In chateau is also situated museum of St. George and Shooting-range. We recommend you visiting of Rose Garden and Chateau Park.Duration 5 hours.
Price per one: 38 €
The town began in 1142 with the settlement of the first Cistercian Monastery in Bohemia.Kutná Hora and the neighboring town of Sedlec are UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among the most important buildings in the area are the Gothic, five-naved St. Barbara's Church, begun in 1388, and the Italian Court, formerly a royal residence and mint, which was built at the end of the 13th century. Beautiful one day trip!
Price per one: 38 €
During the 15th centur this small settlement, first mentioned in 1352, gradually changed into a feudal town, its rights confirmed in writing by Emperor Rudolf II in 1577. The end of the 16th century brought exceptional development to the town. The first stone edifices were built then and for a long time characterized the town.Liberec is sometimes called "the town under Ještěd," whose peak, rising to 1012m, is crowned by a modern tower which has become a dominant feature of the town.
Price per one: 48 €
Olomouc, today a city of more than one hundred thousand citizens, is situated in the heart of the Haná region, and has long been one of the most important cities in Moravia. Its recent designation as a county seat is but the logical development of the city as a cultural, societal and economic centre, whose history has already been written about for centuries…Full of history and culture, and must be seen!
Price per one: 78 €
The town Podebrady was established near an important crossing on the river "Elbe" in 1224. There is a castle which is the dominating feature of the town. There, according to some historians, the Czech King "George From Podebrady" A small spa was already established there in 17th century and its spring was concidered as the best ferious water.Duration 5 hours.
Price per one: 35 €
The National Suffering Memorial was opened on the site of the suffering of tens of thousandsl. The key mission of the Terezin Memorial, the only institution of its kind in thc, is to commemorate the victims of the Nazi political and racial persecution during the occupation of the Czech lands in World War II, to promote museum, research and educational activities, and look after the memorial sites connected with the suffering and death of dozens of thousands of victims of violence.
Price per one: 45 €
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